Programme Mission

"New World Springboard" offers long-term support to the under-resourced communities, enabling them to unleash their full potential and preparing them to become the new force to build a better society. Benefiting from the programme, the youths are expected to adopt a positive attitude to life and to learn how to embrace challenges with an indomitable spirit.

"New World Springboard" is funded by New World Group Charity Foundation which has been set up by New World Group to improve the social mobility of under-resourced communities of the society.

The initial phase of the project focuses on swimming and basketball by providing seven years of professional training to qualified children and youth, with an aim to discover new talents for Hong Kong. The trainees also participate in the "New World Springboard" Mentorship Programme.


"New World Swimming Academy"

"New World Springboard" has set up the "New World Swimming Academy" in collaboration with Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association in 2012, which provides a platform for fostering young swimming stars who may not be able to learn swimming due to financial concerns.

Gifted swimmers will be identified to enter a professional training programme of seven years. By offering them training, the programme hope to enable them to compete in inter-school or public contests, or even become qualified to enter the "New World Harbour Race".

In July 2012, the pilot programme of the "New World Swimming Academy" recruited 200 under-resourced students between the ages of 7 and 12 in Tung Chung and Sham Shui Po districts through several NGOs, namely the Yu Mak Yuen Integrated Services Centre under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, the Fish Traders' School, the Society for Community Organisation, the Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council and the Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Association Primary School. In 2013, the programme has extended to cover Tuen Mun area and TWGH Tuen Mun Integrated Centre recruited 50 students for the programme. 240 students has undergone elementary class, intermediate class, and advanced training class.


"New World Basketball League"

Following the success of "New World Swimming Academy", New World Group has been working with Hong Kong Basketball Association for "New World Basketball League", extending assistance to more youths on the basketball courts.

"New World Basketball League" starts with five districts, namely Tin Shui Wai, Kwai Tsing, Tung Chung, Kwun Tong and Sham Shui Po. With support from St. James' Settlement Youth Centre, Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Federation of Parent Teacher Associations, Society for Community Organization and Fresh Fish Traders' School, around 140 youths aged 8-11 from under-resourced families were recruited to attend basketball training classes.


"New World Springboard" Mentorship Programme

Other than providing free swimming and basketball training to these under-resourced children and youth, New World Group is also keen on their psychological development. Recruiting over 500 staff members to take part in the "New World Springboard" Mentorship Programme and become their mentors, the Group, together with its staff members, help them onto the "springboard" and jump even higher and further.

The mentorship programme holds various activities for the students and mentors, including theme park visit, business unit visits, etc., to enhance the communication between each other. Mentors get to know students through occasional gatherings and telecommunications and become their companions on their paths, cultivating positive attitudes in their lives while delivering care and encouragement to them. The new phase of New World Springboard Mentorship Programme involves one-on-one mentorship in Tung Chung district since January 2014.

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