The New World Springboard sustainable community programme provides necessary support for participants' parent and established the New World Springboard Parent Club in mid-2014 to further strengthen its reach.


Principles and Objectives:

  • To assist members in instilling a positive attitude in their children and encouraging them to embrace challenges at different stages of life with perseverance
  • To enhance members' knowledge in parenting and adolescent psychological development
  • To promote positive parenting concepts and effective teaching skills
  • To build ties among members and encourage them to learn from and support each other



  • Trainings and Seminars:
    Children's education, communication skills, child psychology, stress management and sharing sessions with celebrities, etc.
  • Recreational Activities:
    Art appreciation, cooking classes, handicraft workshops and hiking, etc.
  • Interpersonal Activities:
    Tea gathering, parent sharing sessions and large-scale events, etc.


Events Highlights

Performing Art Appreciation - Butterfly lovers (14 June, 2014)

Visit to Hong Kong Book Fair (21 July, 2014)

New World Springboard Annual Party 2014 – Parent's Talk (9 August, 2014)

Parent Talk on Students with Special Education Needs (25 October and 20 December, 2014)

Movie Night - My Voice My Life (6 February, 2015)

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